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BioVision Innovations AI Use Policy


Effective Date: 01/01/2024

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose: This policy outlines the responsible and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies within BioVision Innovations.

1.2 Scope: Applicable to all departments and members of BioVision Innovations, including executive, research, communications, merchandising, and social media teams.

2. Ethical Principles

2.1 Respect for Human Dignity: AI technologies shall be used in ways that respect human dignity, rights, and freedoms.

2.2 Non-Discrimination: AI systems shall not be employed in a discriminatory manner against any individual or group.

2.3 BioVision Innovations does not guarantee that information provided by AIs such as Chat GPT and BIO GPT are complete, true, accurate, or non-misleading.

3. Operational Guidelines

3.1 Transparency: AI systems must be transparent and their decision-making processes understandable.

3.2 Data Privacy: Compliance with data protection laws and ethical handling of personal information is mandatory.

4. Collaborative Approach

4.1 Collaborative Development: Employees are encouraged to use AI as an editor and source for idea generation but not a complete author of their work.

5. Legal Compliance

5.1 Adherence to Laws: All AI-related activities must strictly adhere to relevant local, national, and international laws.

6. Management

6.1 Improvements: Continuous refinements to custom GPTs such as BIO GPT shall be made by the BioVision Executive board.

6.2 Oversight: The BioVision Executive Board will oversee the implementation and adherence to this policy.

6.3 Violations: The BioVision Executive Board reserves the right to take action against an employee solely using AI to generate their work, including but not limited to firing the employee.

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