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Daniel Para Soto, Jace Baptista-Allan, Marcus Yeung

Revolutionizing Medicine with Precision Delivery

Liposomes are microscopic, spherical structures consisting of lipid bilayers that enclose an aqueous core. These bilayers are similar in composition to cell membranes and form a protective shell around the aqueous content, mimicking the structure of biological vesicles. Liposomes were first invented in the early 1960s by British hematologist Alec Bangham. His pioneering work laid the foundation for the exploration of liposomes' potential in various fields, particularly in medicine. Since their inception, liposomes have played a significant role in drug delivery and have evolved into essential tools in pharmaceuticals, offering a means to encapsulate and precisely deliver drugs, genes, and other biologically active substances. Their ability to carry therapeutic agents with precision has revolutionized the field of medicine, making them invaluable in modern pharmaceutical research and development.


Liposomes possess remarkable properties and versatility, finding crucial applications in medicine. They are extensively used for precise drug delivery, enhancing treatment effectiveness while minimizing side effects. Liposomal formulations are employed in chemotherapy to reduce toxicity and improve drug bioavailability. They serve as carriers for gene therapy, delivering genetic material with precision, and function as adjuvants in vaccines, enhancing immune responses. Looking ahead, liposomes hold promise in personalized medicine, antibiotic resistance mitigation by delivering antimicrobial agents, and regenerative medicine for tissue repair and regeneration. As technology evolves, liposomes are poised to shape the future of healthcare and biotechnology.


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