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Trojan Horse Liposomes, v2

Daniel Soto Parra, Ben Wilhelm

A new age of technology is upon us, dominated by recent advances in artificial intelligence and personalized treatments. Improving on our first-generation cancer treatment, Trojan Horse Liposome v2 will use these new developments to precisely and effectively eliminate malignant neoplasms and surpass THL v1's limitations. 

New Technologies

  • AI-Powered Tissue Targeting via GPT Antigen Library Analysis

  • Multi-Marker Targeting & AI-Powered Combination Therapy

  • Controlled Release mechanism regulation

Improvements and new, critical discussions

  • Biodegradability

  • Bioethics and fair use of treatment

  • Standardization of Production

  • The future of THLv2

  • Improving efficacy & accuracy of Apoptotic Factors

  • Size optimizations

We expect to complete our research in summer 2024. Please use the button below to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

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