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Targeted Therapy

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​Tumor-Specific antibodies on the surface of Trojan Horses allow for precise targeting of cancer cells, leaving healthy cells unscathed. The adverse effects of chemotherapy and hormone therapy are eliminated by this, improving patient comfort.

Personalized Approach

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​Tailored antibodies for each type of cancer allow Trojan Horses to more precisely and effectively bind to cancer cells in a patient. This case-by-case approach allows for more efficient treatment.


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Trojan Horse's intravenous administration via injection makes the treatment easily accessible to patients.

Gene Editing

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Trojan Horse's gene-editing system inhibits tumor growth, preventing any progression of the cancer. This eliminates the need for extended treatment and the time and cost that come with it.

Organic Material

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​Trojan Horse is made of organic material, allowing the kidney to filter it easily after it has run its course.

Tumor Monitoring

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Trojan Horse's second dose allows for patients and physicians to easily monitor tumor size and location, greatly improving patient experience since no invasive procedures are required.

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